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The internal structure of switch&socket

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Update time : 2017-03-08 21:17:00

The Tin Phosphorus Bronze, plug fastening

The use of socket copper tin phosphor bronze material, high strength, good plasticity, has good conductivity, not easy to deformation

The design of anti electric shock protection door, ensure child safety

A power socket with protective door, to prevent children from getting an electric shock

Add the function of lightning protection, the protection of life safety

A lightning protection module, one more layer of protection, effectively reduce lightning and overvoltage for personal and property damage

Unique structural design, plug with accurate

Cylindrical plugs, flat plug have dedicated sleeve, ensure the current stability

Preparation and carrying card icon, easy to use

Information socket icon and carrier card, you can easily identify the socket uses and the loop, easy to use and inspection

Distance design, reduce the use of mutual interference